2016, what happened?!

Lots of things have happened this year…but the most important event to us is the creation of our organization, Los Angeles Tiny Cobuild Haven aka LATCH Collective!

While Shaina was deployed overseas, Tessa took on the challenge to start a business on her own and registered with the state of California to operate as an LLC! We felt it was important to build our membership before transitioning to a co-operatively owned/operated business (our ideal business organizational structure for this endeavor). Currently, we are working on finding people like us who live in LA and hope to build their own Tiny so they can join LATCH and we can support each other through our builds, while sharing the cost of tools and rent. It is not common to have a yard large enough for a construction project of this size, so we have been able to connect with a few people at different stages of their journey to building their own home. Once we locate a build space, we will begin our first construction project, while continuing to develop the other aspects/services of LATCH. For more info on what we are working towards, check out our site: http://www.latchcollective.com.

Tessa has also become more involved in the advocacy of changing laws to permit and accommodate alternative housing solutions by starting  the Tiny Advocacy Network, or TAN, here in LA. She sends out newsletter updates to over 500 people and was asked to be a co-chapter leader for California in the American Tiny House Association! With these leadership roles, she has expanded our network and made important connections to the movers and shakers in the Tiny community at large. It is an exciting time for the Tiny Movement, but we have so much more to do before Tiny Homes can become a viable housing option for anyone desiring to (dramatically) downsize.

We are looking forward to the opportunities 2017 will bring, and hope you are carrying optimism and faith in love into this new year!

To get involved, check out our social media pages:

Los Angeles Tiny Houses Community:

2 thoughts on “2016, what happened?!”

  1. This is (or sounds like) exactly what I have been looking for, provided that the courtyards are placed within walking distance (for me that is about 3 miles most days) of a Public Transpo. route. But is 3k usd enough to get started?
    Thank you for starting LATCH!


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