So…what have we been up to?

In January, we were able to…

  • Keep up Small Adventures – our TH blog where we keep inspiration we find on tumblr
  • Purchase a car so travelling to MeetUps and volunteer opportunities is a bit easier
  • Create a mission explaining who we are, what/why we are doing this, and strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats regarding us starting a tiny home co-build co-op
  •  Create a central planning document with HOW and WHEN we plan on tackling actions from the SWOT analysis
  • Learn Google Sketchup through online tutorials
  •  Come up with a name for the MeetUp group – Los Angeles Tiny Home Community
  • Find the Exodus Tiny Home Community Facebook page – a local group with aspirations for tiny house cohabiting

In February, we were able to to…

  • Create a logo for our social media pages
  • Make a Los Angeles Tiny Houses Community – Facebook page and MeetUp group
  • Start an Instagram: shainatessalivetiny
  •  Get in contact with Britanny, the Topanga Tiny Home Enthusiast MeetUp group organizer

In March we were able to…

  • Continue to build our presence on our social media sites (over 100 users on Meetup and 20+ on Facebook)
  •  Find out about ReCode LA, an imitative to rewriting zoning codes in Los Angeles which may create opportunities to change restrictions against tiny homes including zoning laws on minimum lot requirements, secondary suites, and others
  • Host our first MeetUp in Downtown LA, March 18th!
    • Outcomes: We met about 15 awesome people from all over LA county interested in tiny houses for different reasons; some were looking for affordable housing opportunities to improve the community, others just wanted to build one for their own use and live in the middle of nowhere…but everyone was excited to meet up! Interest started to build regarding getting involved politically to challenge restrictive zoning. The meetup was held in a swanky yet casual bar called The Prince in K-town. They had bomb Korean-style spicy fried chicken! 
  •  Host our second MeetUp in Long Beach, March 31st
    • Outcomes: About five people gathered sharing enthusiasm and energy for tiny living and support for minimalism.  We had engaging conversations about what is bringing us to the tiny movement, and learned from a member starting his own build.  
  •  Get contacted by several wider organizations wanting us to partner in promoting their events (Tiny House Hunters, organizers of workshops, Tiny House Jamboree conference) showing that our MeetUp is visible!

In April we were able to…

  •  Create & share a rough draft of our Sketchup floor plans to help promote our image
  •  Continue with blog posts
  • Send a newsletter to our supporters & family, updating them on our progress and inviting them to follow our blog

In May we were able to…

  • Reach new audiences like a trailer park management site, looking for tiny homes to rent their lots
  •  Build our MeetUp community membership to almost 200 locals
  • Minimize shifts at True Food to make more time every day for this project
  • Start an “our members” spreadsheet to get a better idea of where members live when choosing locations to host events, what members are looking for, what stage of interest in tiny homes they are at, and contact info to keep in touch with each member’s progress and needs

In June we were able to…

  • Start volunteering with Habitat for Humanity 
  •  Listen to “A Sustainable Mind” podcast series & receive many tip
    • Marjorie, the host, came to our first MeetUp!
  •  Discover “Upwork” as a potential resource for our Co-op, and a place where we may be able to advertise our skills/abilities:
  • Research background local planning & housing
  •  Start on a “Resources” document outlining (in alphabetized order!) the different resources we know of/find along the way

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