MeetUp: Los Angeles Tiny Houses Community

Social media can be annoying but it can also be amazing.  There is a website called MeetUp, and it’s like the Twitter for Facebook’s Events function (if you’ve never used Twitter, it is basically like making a website of the Status updates function from Facebook). If you’re still not tracking what MeetUp is, imagine having a virtual book club where you can join it and get updates on what the next book is or where the next meeting is, and then you RSVP for those events and actually meet as a group. There are MeetUp groups for every kind of interest imaginable here in LA which makes it a swell combination of social media technology and real human interaction! If you’ve got specific interests that none of your current friends share, check out MeetUp to see if there are other weirdos in your area!

But I didn’t write this blog to promote MeetUp, I’m trying to promote OUR MeetUp: Los Angeles Tiny Houses Community!!! Our goal is to meet like-minded people who share the goal of building a Tiny Home (TH), get supporters of Tiny living involved even if they don’t want to/can’t live in a TH, and learn from those already living in TH’s or who have built them. Tessa and I have conceptualized a builder’s co-op, but we need to establish whether there are others who would join and build with us before we launch our idea. We are extremely excited about it and hope you continue to follow our journey! We are doing TINY things!!

Los Angeles Tiny Houses Community

Los Angeles, CA
50 Tiny Home Enthusiasts

Building and living in a tiny home allows for a life of less debt, fewer possessions, greater independence, and more freedom to follow our passions! Are you interested in buil…

Next Meetup

Chat about Tiny Living over casual drinks!

Friday, Mar 18, 2016, 7:45 PM
11 Attending

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