Spring Update

Wow! I can’t believe I started this blog over 9 months ago!

Lots has happened over the past human gestation period…

1) We adopted an 8 week old pitbull and named him Waffles
2) Waffles is like 5x the size as when we got him
3) Tessa applied, and was recently approved, for permanent residency in the US
4) I got my next assignment: Los Angeles!! More on that later.
5) “Tesmanian Devil” is kicking ass at Roller Derby
6) I’m in the last class of my MBA and I am focusing my final project on Tiny home building!

It’s also springtime in AK which makes me happy despite the gross trash that materializes as the snow and ice melts. I wanted to write this update because I am full of good feels that I want to put out into the Internet and into your heart. So many of our friends and family have responded to our call for donations for our Tiny House project, and we are so grateful for the generosity and support we have received so far. We are excited to get down to California and start building!

LA is going to be an amazing place for us to really get into the nitty-gritty of Tiny Home building because it is the perfect climate for being outside basically all year round, the area around the AFB is kind of industrial so we should be able to rent a cheap lot to build on (not to live on! Just build.) aaaaand it’s closer to friends and fam who may want to come help us build..? Whatever happens, we are super excited to see what the future holds. But, also, appreciating what we have now and the natural beauty that exists in Alaska which we can bask in now that it isn’t freezing cold outside. It’ll be bittersweet to move out of Big Red, I have grown so fond of this little cabin which is perfect in most every way except for the lack of a shower, but when we do move, we will be one more living situation away from living in a Tiny Home!!!!


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