Why Tiny?

Aside from the financial reasons for living with less stuff/possessions/house, there is an exhaustive list of benefits for our health, sense of community, and autonomy when we sacrifice space for independence. Have you ever thought about how people spend so much time working for things we think we need, when in reality, our basic needs are fairly simple to satisfy? People perceive wants as needs, and we are competitive creatures, so the wants get bigger, shinier, and more expensive with each year because companies capitalize on this human desire to have more. I’m not completely anti-capitalism…but it kind of sucks to have limited (or really expensive) housing options because the standard is designed around the upper-middle class atomic family who wants a bedroom for each kid, a separate dining room, and home office…basically 1,500 more square feet than my wife and I need or want.

Tessa learned about tiny houses while studying solutions for affordable living in Fairbanks and when she showed me some, we quickly fell in love with the idea of living tiny. We thought we’d try living in a single room cabin with no running water in the middle of Interior Alaska to see if we could survive the significantly smaller space, and we loved it! It made entertaining a little difficult but our social lives didn’t suffer and people loved coming over to see what life was like in Big Red. Having that experience, we have decided we were ready to downsize further and build our own tiny house on wheels. This blog will be where we keep our plans, details of the process, lessons learned, and future goals. For a more in-depth explanation of what we hope to achieve (and how you can help if you’d like!) check out our first post.


Tessa and I want to build our own tiny house on wheels and live in it! Follow our adventure here.